A.J. Brown Contract: Net Worth 2023, Draft Profile, Salary, Endorsement

After completing his first two-year contract with Tennessee Titans now he has signed a new contract with Philadelphia Eagles. As well, the audience is gathering A.J Brown contract information and exact facts and figures. The overall contract amount is $100 million besides annual salary amount is $25 million including the bonus amount. His team has decided on the 57 million dollars guaranteed amount while this contract will close in 2026. Further, some other facts like cap hit amount, cap dead amount, and bonus amount is going to discuss in this content. The performance of this player is outstanding because he has served two years with another team. On the behalf of previous performance, the next team decides the contract amount.

A.J. Brown Contract

Recently, A.J Brown signed a new contract with the Eagles while the total contract value is 100 million dollars annually he will earn 25 million dollars including the bonus amount. The duration of this contract is four years. Moreover, another player of NFL Grant Calcaterra Contract.

Current Contract with Philadelphia Eagles

A.J. Brown Contract Current Team Philadelphia Eagles
Contract Worth $100 Million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount $57 Million
Average Salary $25 Million
Cap Hit $5.6 Million

Previous Contract (Tennessee Titans 2019-2021)

A.J. Brown Contract Contract Worth $5.6 Million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

A.J. Brown Net Worth 2023

Now, the new contract of A.J Brown signed is much more expensive and people now seeking the current net worth and previous year’s overall income of this player. So, both info exists in the table. Further, read the Andre Chachere net worth 2023.

A.J. Brown Net worth 2023 $10 Million
Overall Income in 2021 $7 Million
A.J. Brown Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. According to latest facts, the net worth of A.J Brown has increased 3 million dollars.

A.J Brown Draft Profile

People are unaware of the draft profile of this celebrity because they do not know when he was enrolled in NFL. Right now the current team and when he signed the contract info in the table.

Team Name Draft Year
Philadelphia Eagles 2021-Present
Tennessee Titans 2019-2021

A.J Brown Salary

At this time the current salary figure of A.J Brown is $25 million but if we discuss the previous that is given.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Philadelphia Eagles 2021- Present $25 Million
Tennessee Titans 2019-2021 $1.4 Million

A.J. Brown Endorsements

He has signed an endorsement contract with different brands as well as brands’ names and the overall income that earn from the advertisement is here.

Brands Name
  • Nike
  • Subway
  • Old Spice
Endorsement Income $2 Million


A.J. Brown Contract

A.J Brown Career Earning

Basically, the career of this player started in 2019 when he was selected for the NFL draft but till now he spent 3 years with them. So, how much does earn till now and year wise income is available.

Year Earning Amount
2023 Will Finalize Soon
2021 $1 Million
2020 7 Lac 50 thousand dollars
2019 $2.6 Million


ANS: Right now, he is a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, and annual this team is paying $25 million.

ANS: When A.J Brown played with Tennessee Titans then his salary amount was 1.4 million dollars.

ANS: Till now, A.J Brown contract will be completed in 2025 and then a contract extension detailed will be issued.

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