Daniel Sorensen Contract: Net Worth 2023, Salary, NFL Draft

In the season of 2020, Daniel Sorensen won the championship when he was a part of the Kansas City Chiefs. But when his contract was completed then he signed with New Orleans Saintsand signed one year contract. Moreover, the total value of this contract is 1.3 Million dollars while the bonus amount and guaranteed amount do not exist. Moreover, after one year contract will expire, and then decide about a contract extension or signing a new contract with another team. On the other hand, Daniel Sorensen net worth 2023 is 3 Million Dollars. Further, read Daniel Sorensen contract 2023 including the annual salary and NFL draft is listed below.

Daniel Sorensen Contract 2023

Right now, Daniel Sorensen signed a contract with New Orleans Saintsand under $1.4 Million Dollars. Furthermore, when this contract will complete then info about the extension will issue.

New Orleans Saintsand

Contract Amount 1.3 Million Dollar
Contract Duration 1 Year
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Kansas City Chiefs

Contract Amount 17 Million Dollar
Contract Duration 4 Year
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Daniel Sorensen Net Worth 2023

    He is one of the richest person in the NFL.
    The estimated net worth value of this player is 3 Million dollars.

Daniel Sorensen Salary 2023

    ic_circleHis salary figure with New Orleans Saintsand is 1.3 Million Dollars.
    Kansas City Chiefs salary figure will update soon.

Daniel Sorensen NFL Draft

    He was selected for the NFL draft in 2014 by Kansas City Chiefs.
    New Orleans Saintsand selected in the 2023 Draft.

Championship / Title / Awards

He won a championship in 2020 Super Bowl champion (LIV)

Daniel Jones Source of Income

National Football Team Endorsement

Daniel Jones Career Earning

    The career earnings of this player are 5 Million Dollars.

Daniel Jones Education Details

    His school name was Colts.
    College’s name was BYU.

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Daniel Sorensen Contract

Daniel Sorensen Family

Mother Roxann Sorensen
Father Kory Sorensen
Sister N/A
Brother Brad Sorensen
Cody Sorensen
Bryan Sorensen
Trevan Sorensen
Daughter N/A
Son N/A
Wife Whitney Sorensen

Just only one championship has been won and at this time this is considered a high-salary player. Meanwhile, in 2014 he was enrolled in the NFL draft, and in 2023 time again was selected for the draft. Daniel Sorensen contract 2023 includes net worth, salary, and NFL draft profile is here.

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