Davante Adams Contract 2023 with the Raiders: Salary, Net Worth, Endorsements, Draft Profile, Career Earnings

As per some news channels, Davante Adams Contract 2023 with the Raiders finalized under 140 million dollars for Five Years. According to his contract, the annual average salary of this player is 21 million dollars. Before the new contract, Green Bay Packers was picked by Davante Adams in 2014 and signed the first contract for 4 years. The worth of this contract was around $3.9 Million as well the bonus amount was 1.2 Million dollars. In addition, this contract was closed in 2017 and his team was given a 4-year extension for under 50.9 million dollars.

Davante Adams Contract 2023 with the Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders have finalized a contract with Davante Adam and people do not know about this deal. Overall contract worth, duration, and bonus amount issued by the team and written on this page.

Current Contract Details

NOTE: Davante Adams current and previous contract details that finalized with different teams here.

Current Team Las Vegas Raiders
Contract Amount $140 million
Contract Duration Five Years
Average Salary $28 million
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Davante Adams Salary 2023

Right now, Davante Adams is listed as the most expensive player in NFL as well people ask about Davante Adams Annual Salary. When this contract was finalized then Davante Adams salary Demand was high and then his team decided that Davante Adams Yearly Salary was 28 million dollars.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Las Vegas Raiders 2021-Present $28 million

Previous Salary Amount:

Davante Adams New Contract 2022 Team Name Green Bay Packers
Year 2014-2021
Salary Amount $13 million

Davante Adams Net Worth 2023

The major income source of Davante Adams is NFL but as well as he earns some other ways like Business, Endorsements. Due to the best performance, people like Davante and the previous year he earns millions of dollars through advertisement. Famous brands prefer this player who is famous among fans. So, the current year’s net worth and the previous year’s net worth are here and people can compare.

Davante Adams New Contract 2022

Davante Adams Net worth 2022

$26 million

Davante Adams Overall Income in 2021

$24 million

Davante Adams Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Its net worth has raised by 2 million dollars.

Davante Adams Draft Profile

During 7 years career, Davante Adams was selected two times for the NFL draft and signed contracts with different teams. Firstly, he was selected in 2014 when the first time he was enrolled in the NFL draft and 2nd time he was selected in the 2021 NFL draft and selected by the Raiders.

Davante Adams New Contract 2022 Team Name Las Vegas Raiders
Draft Year 2021

Previous Draft:

Davante Adams New Contract 2022 Team Name Green Bay Packers
Draft Year 2014-2021

Davante Adams Endorsements

The credibility level of Davante Adams is much better as compared to other competitors while some major brands who advertise his product sign contract with this player. So, Davante Adams Endorsements deal, duration, and the amount are here.

Brands Name
  • Nike
  • Pepsi
  • Head & Shoulders
Endorsement Income Approximate $5 million
Deal Duration Update Soon

Davante Adams Position

In National Football League every player performs in a specific position where he better knows how to manage a game. Same as it, with Davante Adams playing on Wide receiver where he performs better as compared to other positions.

Current Position of Davante Adams Wide Receiver

Davante Adams Career Earnings

Year Earning Amount
2022 Will Finalize Soon
2021 $13 million
2020 $13 million
2019 $8 million
2018 $7.3 million
2017 $19 million



How much is Davante Adams contract?

ANS: The total worth of this contract that has been signed with the Las Vegas Raiders is 140 million dollars as well the duration of this contract is 5 years.

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