Demar Derozan Chicago Bulls Contract: Salary, Net Worth 2022, Draft Pick, Endorsements

After playing with Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs now Demar DeRozan Chicago Bulls Contract was finalized for under 81 million dollars. The annual Salary of Demar DeRozan is $27.5 million his guaranteed amount has yet not been decided. The overall value of this contract is 81 Million dollars. The incentive and bonus amount have not been public. The career of Demar DeRozan started in 2009 when Toronto Raptors was picked for his team and he played for a long time about 9 years with them.

Demar DeRozan Chicago Bulls Contract

Demar DeRozan New Contract is final with Chicago Bulls for three years duration as well he has played with the Raptors and Spurs. Meanwhile, all facts and figures regarding Demar contracts here.

Current Contract Details

NOTE: Demar Derozen Contract with Chicago Bulls is given as well as previous deals with Spurs and Raptors available.

Current Team Chicago Bulls
Contract Amount $82 Million
Contract Duration 3 Year
Average Salary $27.3 million
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Demar Derozan Raptors Contract

When Demar DeRozan started his career for the first time sign a contract with the Raptors and played 9 seasons with them. So, Demar DeRozan Raptors Contract is final under $10 million.

Demar Derozan Contract 2022 Contract Worth $10 million
Contract Duration Four Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Demar Derozan Contract Spurs

When Demar left Raptors then he signed a contract with the Spurs as well duration of this contract was five years. Further, all facts and figures regarding Demar DeRozan contract with Spurs are here below.

Demar Derozan Contract 2022 Contract Worth $139 million
Contract Duration Five Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Demar DeRozan Salary 2022

Demar DeRozan played with two different teams under different salary amounts but at this time he is playing with the third team. So, current and previous salary amounts discuss for audience info.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Chicago Bulls 2022 $27.5 million

Demar DeRozan Previous Salaries:

Year Salary Amount
2016-2020 $27.9 million
2013-2016 $9.5 million
2009-2012 $2.8 million

Demar Derozan Net Worth 2022

Almost 13 years spent in NBA and people ask about Demar DeRozn Net Worth 2022 because his lifestyle is much more luxurious. In addition, he endorse different brands, and many times he appeared in television commercials.

Demar Derozan Contract 2022

Demar DeRozan Net worth 2022

$82 million

Demar DeRozan  Overall Income in 2021

$79 million

Demar DeRozan Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Its net worth has increased by 3 million dollars.

Demar DeRozan NBA Draft Pick

During his career, Demar enrolled three times in the NBA draft but people want to know draft year details and team name. So, both info for user info is listed but we have gathered through some online sources.

Demar Derozan Contract 2022 Team Name Chicago Bulls
Draft Year 2021-Present

Previous Draft Pick Details:

Team Name Draft Year
Toronto Raptors 2009–2018
San Antonio Spurs 2018–2021

Demar DeRozan Endorsement

Brands Name
  • Nike
  • Spalding
  • Gatorade
Endorsement Income Approximate $5 million

Demar DeRozan Position

During the game, Demar DeRozan played in two different positions and no doubt he is a skillful person and knows his position. He performs very well.

Power forward Small forward

Demar DeRozan Career Earnings

Year Earning Amount
2022 Will Finalized Soon
2021 $27 million
2020 $28 million
2019 $26.3 million
2018 $26.3 million
2017 $26.7 million
2016 $11 million
2015 $11 million
Demar and George are best friends as per some sources but just only discuss the contract Demar while his followers looking the contract of George Niang that is given.
How many years are left in the DeMar DeRozan contract?

ANS: Just only two years left with Chicago Bulls as well this contract was signed in 2021 and will complete in 2024.

What is DeMar DeRozan’s salary?

ANS: Right now, the annual salary of Demar DeRozan is 27 million dollars.

Does DeMar DeRozan have a shoe deal?

ANS: He has signed Shoe Deal with different brands as well the total income of the shoe deal has not been issued.

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