Derek Barnett Contract 2023, Salary, Net Worth, Career Earnings

The college level of Derek Barnett started in 2014 and after spending three years with his college team he was selected for the NFL draft in 2017. During the draft, Philadelphia Eagles choose this player for his team and signed a 4-year contract with them. But now, he has signed more 3-year duration contracts with them and people ask about Derek Barnett contract 2023. Due to good performance, his contract amount has increased by his team as well 3-year contract worth is 15 million dollars, and annually he will receive around 5 million dollars. Further, facts and figures about Derek Barnett contract 2023 discuss below tables.

Derek Barnett Contract 2023

Philadelphia Eagles signed more three-year agreements with Derek Barnett for under 15 million dollars. Moreover, the annual salary amount decided 5 million dollars including a bonus.

Current Contract Details

NOTE: Current Contract of Derek Barnett written with complete details.

Current Team Philadelphia Eagles
Contract Amount $15 Million
Contract Duration Three Year
Average Salary $4.5 million
Guaranteed Amount N/A


Derek Barnett Contract 2022 Contract Worth $12 Million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount $7.4 million
Guaranteed Amount 12 million dollars

Derek Barnett Salary

Still, he is playing with his first team but according to the latest contract detail, his salary amount has increased, and now the current salary amount is given in the table.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Philadelphia Eagles 2021-Present 4.5 million dollars
Philadelphia Eagles 2017-2021 3.2 Million Dollars

Derek Barnett Net Worth 2023

His fans and followers looking at the current and previous year’s net worth 2023 that is here as well lifestyle of this celebrity is too luxurious. Moreover, he endorse different brands, and definitely he earned millions of dollars.

Derek Barnett Contract 2022

Derek Barnett Net worth 2023

7 million dollars

Derek Barnett Overall Income in 2022

4 million dollars

Derek Barnett Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Its net worth has increased by around 3 million dollars this year.

Derek Barnett Career Earnings

His initial level career was started in 2017 and till now he played for around 5 seasons in NFL. So, the audience wants to know the overall income and each year’s income that is listed below.

Year Earning Amount
2023 Will Finalize Soon
2021 10 million dollars
2020 2.2 million dollars
2019 1.6 million dollars
2018 1 million dollars
2017 7.9 million dollars

Derek Barnett Draft Profile

People think that he has changed his team in the recent contract but that is totally wrong because he is still playing with the eagles. Further, the draft profile of Derek Barnett is in the table.

Team Name Draft Year
Philadelphia Eagles 2017-Present


Derek Barnett Contract Extension?

ANS: Derek Barnett signed a three-year contract with them as well the complete details of the latest contract given above.

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