Draymond Green Contract 2022 Net Worth, Salary, Endorsement: When did Draymond Green Signed his Contract?

Among the NBA’s Draymond Green is one of the most dominant stars. He signed a new deal with the Warriors as well Draymond Green Contract 2022 details are given in the table. His plays are praised, and he is loved for them, but he is also criticized because he is open-minded and has an open approach to everything. A player may appear to be competitive and fearsome on the court, but what is apparent when he is with his family is almost exactly the opposite. It is noteworthy that Draymond has different levels of contact with his wife, whereas his son has been going to the Bay Area Chase Arena on a regular basis to watch him and the team practice as well as play basketball at high levels.

Current Contract:

Current Team Golden State Warriors
Contract Worth $100 million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount $100 million
Average Salary $25 million
Cap Hit N/A

Draymond Green Contract 2022

With the golden state Warriors, Draymond Green signed a new contract for four years as well overall contract amount is 100 million dollars and his approximate annual salary amount is 25 million dollars besides in the above table complete details are available. Further, we have to write all details about the contract in the above table. As well Steph Curry Contract 2022.

Previous Contract Details:


Draymond Green Contract 2022 Contract Amount 82 million dollars
Contract Duration Five Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount 50 million dollars


Draymond Green Contract 2022 Contract Amount 2.6 million dollars
Contract Duration Three Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Draymond Green Net Worth 2022

Draymond spent many years in National Basketball but people know about the overall income for 2021 and 2022 which is listed below the table. In addition, the info about Spencer Dinwiddie Net Worth 2022.

Draymond Green Net Worth 2022 $72 million
Overall income in 2021
Draymond Green Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Draymond Green Salary 2022

From 2013 to the present he played with different teams under different salaries amount. Further, take the latest and old salary stats.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Golden State Warriors 2022 $25 million

Previous Salaries Details:

Year Salary Amount
2015-2019 16.4 million dollars
2012-2014 8 Lac 80 thousand dollars

Draymond Green Endorsement

Due to the high popularity, Drymonf Green’s work for different brands publicized amount fans and followers. Moreover, the annual income of endorsement is given below.

Brands Name Converse
Endorsement Income 2 million dollars

When did Draymond Green Signed his Contract?

  • 2019

In 2019, when his contract expired then his team had more than four years of opportunity to play with them. He accepted this offer and started to play with them.

Draymond Green Career Earning

During his short career, he earns millions of dollars but 2022 income has not been issued by the Draymond Green. While the previous year’s earning amount is listed year-wise. Further, Bobby Portis Career Earning exists.

Year Earning Amount
2022 Will Finalize Soon
2021 $24 million
2020 $27 million
2019 $17 million
2018 $17 million
2017 $16 million
2016 $15.5 million

Draymond Green Contract 2022

Draymond Green Draft Profile

The selection of this player as possible in 2012 and till now, he playing with the Warriors because his performance is outstanding. On performance behalf, he is part of this team.

Team Name Draft Year
Golden State Warriors 2012-Present


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