Grant Calcaterra Contract: Net Worth 2022, NFL Draft Profile, Salary

In the draft of the 2022 NFL, Grant Calcaterra was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles. Details of Grant Calcaterra contract that finalized under $3.8 million for four years. In addition, the annual salary amount of the Grant is 9 Lac 60 thousand dollars. Further, other info like cap hit, dead cap, and bonus amount existed. Basically, Grant initial level career started in college life in 2017, and in 2021 he played with his college team. During this tenure no doubt he faced a lot of problems and was injured many times during games he does not lose hope and achieved his life goal. Further, Grant Calcaterra Contract details with complete facts and figures are given.

Grant Calcaterra Contract

Under 3.8 million dollars Grant Calcaterra Contract has been finalized for four years. Further, annually he will earn around 9 Lac 60 thousand dollars. The latest contract details are given in the table.

Current Contract

Grant Calcaterra Contract Current Team Philadelphia Eagles
Contract Worth $3.8 Million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount 1 Lac 74 Thousand Dollars.
Guaranteed Amount 1 Lac 74 Thousand Dollars.
Average Salary 9 Lac 60 thousand dollars
Cap Hit 7 Lac 48 thousand dollars

Grant Calcaterra Net Worth 2022

Before joining the NFL Grant’s Net worth was not much high but after entering in NFL day by day, his net woth is going to increase.

Grant Calcaterra Net worth in 2022 $3 Million
Overall Income in 2021 $1 Million

Grant Calcaterra Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

2 million dollars net worth of Grant has increased

Grant Calcaterra NFL Draft Profile

The audience thinks Grant has played with different teams but that is wrong because he was selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. From 2017 to 2021 he played with his college team.

Team Name Draft Year
Philadelphia Eagles 2022-Present

Grant Calcaterra Salary

According to the latest contract details, the annual salary amount is 9 lac 60 thousand dollars. Over the four years, he will receive the same amount from his team.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Philadelphia Eagles 2022 9 lac 60 thousand dollars

Grant Calcaterra Contract

Grant Calcaterra Career Earnings

Till now Grant Calcaterra career amount info does not exist because his professional career started in 2022. So, at the last of this year, he will announce this year’s earnings.

Year Earning Amount
2022 Will Finalize Soon

Overall detail info regarding Grant Calcaterra Contract was mentioned as well if he signed a new contract or takes an extension then we will update. This contract will expire in 2026.

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