Jack Anderson Contract: Salary, Net Worth 2022, Draft Profile

On the position of Offensive guard, Philadelphia Eagles selected the Jack Anderson as well as the Jack Anderson contract that has been signed with Buffalo. But just only played one season with them then he signed a four-year Rookie contract with Philadelphia Eagles. Further, the overall contract details with an annual salary, Bonus amount, and Cap Hit amount which has been decided between Jack and his team are listed in detail. Further, if we discuss Jack’s college level that brightened because at the initial level of his college de decided about his career. He played several state-level tournaments and has won trophies. Finally, NFL enroll in the draft and now playing with the Eagles.

Jack Anderson Contract

Jack Anderson signed a four-year contract with the Eagles as the well overall worth of this contract is 3.5 million dollars. Moreover, other info regarding the Jack Anderson Contract is written below the tables.

Jack Anderson Contract Current Team Philadelphia Eagles
Contract Worth 3.6 million dollars
Contract Duration Three Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount 1 Lac Dollars
Guaranteed Amount N/A
Average Salary 90 thousand dollars
Cap Hit Update Soon

Previous Contract Details

Jack Anderson Buffalo Bills Contract

Jack Anderson Contract Contract Worth 5 Lac 70 thousand dollars
Contract Duration One Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Jack Anderson Net Worth 2022

Jack Anderson does not earn just from NFL as well he is doing some business. Moreover, endorsement income is a major source for this player and annually he earns millions of dollars. Further, take net worth include all assets.

Jack Anderson Net worth in 2022 22 Million Dollars
Overall Income in 2021 18 Million Dollars
Jack Anderson Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. As per some sources, its net worth has increased 4 million dollars.

Jack Anderson Jack Anderson Salary

Before signing a new contract Jack already played with the Bills and now people who like and follow seeking the current and previous salary details.

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Philadelphia Eagles 2022 90 thousand dollars
Buffalo Bills 2021 5 Lac 70 thousand dollars

Jack Anderson Contract

Jack Anderson Draft Profile

In the 2021 NFL draft, Jack Anderson entered in National Football League. Till now he played with two different teams but people want to know the team’s name and draft year.

Team Name Draft Year
Philadelphia Eagles 2022-Present
Buffalo Bills 2021


What team is Jack Anderson with?

ANS: At this time, Jack Anderson playing with Philadelphia Eagles.

When was Jack Anderson drafted?

ANS: First time, Jack Anderson was drafted in 2021 and 2nd time he was drafted in 2022.

What pick was Jack Anderson?

ANS: Buffalo Bills picked to the Jack Anderson in 2021 while Philadelphia Eagles were selected in 2022.

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