Marcus Mariota Contract 2022 Net Worth, Salary: When does Marcus Mariota’s Contract Expire?

Atlanta Falcons has finalized a deal with Marcus Mariots for  2 years under 19 million dollars. 6.8 million dollars is the guaranteed amount while 5 million dollars is the bonus amount. The detail about Marcus Mariota Contract 2022 is here. If we discuss some previous contracts so he has played 4 seasons with Tennessee Titans and two seasons with Las Vegas Raiders. During his career, he has not won championships but on his brilliant performance, he won several awards in NFL. Further, fans and followers of this player looking for career earnings, annual salary current and previous, and net worth now all info available.
Current Contract:
Current Team Atlanta Falco
Contract Worth 19 million dollars
Contract Duration Two Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount 5 million dollars
Guaranteed Amount 6.7 million dollars
Average Salary 9.4 million dollars
Cap Hit 4.3 million dollars

Marcus Mariota Contract 2022

After playing with the Titans and Raiders now he signed a 4-year contract with Atlanta Falcons. Current Marcus Mariota Contract 2022 details are written above while the previous contract completed with two teams is listed below the table.

Marcus Mariota Contract Titans

Titans Contract Amount 25 million dollars
Contract Duration Four Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Marcus Mariota Deal Raiders

Raiders Contract Amount 17.5 million dollars
Contract Duration Two Year
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Marcus Mariota Salary 2022

  • Right now he is enrolled with Atlanta Falcons and the current salary amount is 9.4 million dollars besides previous salary history is here.
Team Name Year Salary Amount
Atlanta Falcons 2022 9.4 million dollars
Las Vegas Raiders 2021 8.9 million dollars
Tennessee Titans 2015–2019 6.5 million dollars

When does Marcus Mariota’s Contract Expire?

  • Marcus Signed a two-year contract with the Falcons.
  • This contract will expire in 2024.

Marcus Mariota Career Earning

  • Successfully, he completed his 7 years in NFL and won different awards. During his career, he earn millions of dollars every year. Complete career earning is available but current year earning is yet not finalized.
Year Earning
2022 Will Finalize Soon
2021 3.5 million dollars
2020 9.2 million dollars
2019 21 million dollars
2018 3.8 million dollars
2017 2.6 million dollars
2016 1.5 million dollars
2015 1.6 million dollars

Marcus Mariota Net Worth 2022

Marcus Mariota Net worth in 2022 14 million dollar
Overall Income in 2021 9 million dollars
Marcus Mariota Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. Its net worth has increased 5 million dollars.

Marcus Mariota Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
Atlanta Falcons 2022–present
Las Vegas Raiders 2020–2021
Tennessee Titans 2015–2019

Marcus Mariota Contract 2022

Marcus Mariota Endorsements

Brands Name Nike, Beats, Island Insurance, First Hawaiian Banks
Endorsement Income Approximate 8 million dollars


How long is Marcus Mariota’s contract?

ANS: Marcus Mariota Contract 2022 signed a two-year contract with the Falcons.

What’s Marcus Mariota’s annual salary?

ANS: 9.8 million dollars is the basic annual salary of this player.

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