Robert Quinn Contract: Salary, Draft Profile, Net Worth 2023, Trade, Career Earnings

Yes, the media were giving news about Robert Quinn contract which has been signed with the Chicago bears. On the other hand, he built his mind when he was enrolled in North Charleston, South Carolina, and joined the school football team. After spent initial career, he enrolled in college life and joined the football team in a Quarterback position. Just only Robert Quinn spent two years and then go to university where he started activities about football professionally and took guidance from a professional and experienced coach. In addition, in 2011 when NFL administration was selected for the draft and picked by Los Angeles Rams. After completing his first contract he has played with a different team and right now he is playing with Chicago Bears.

Robert Quinn Contract

He has signed a 5-year contract with Chicago Bears as well the total value of this contract is around 70 million dollars including a 3 million dollar bonus. Moreover, this contract will be completed in 2025. Now, Isaac Rochell Contract 2023 exists who is the friend of Robert.

Robert Quinn Contract Bears

Current Team Chicago Bears
Contract Worth 70 Million Dollars
Contract Duration 5 Year
Bonus Amount 3 Million Dollars
Guaranteed Amount $3 Million

Previous Contracts:

Los Angeles Rams

Contract Worth 10 Million dollars
Contract Duration 4 Year
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Miami Dolphins

Contract Worth 8 Million
Contract Duration 1 Year
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Dallas Cowboys

Contract Worth 70 Million Dollars
Contract Duration 4 Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Robert Quinn Salary 2023

At this time he is a part of Robert Quinn and signed a 5-year contract but people are unaware of his annual salary who has decided with Chicago Bears.

  • Approximate Chicago Bears annual salary is 14 million dollars.

Previous Salary Details:

Team Name Salary Amount
Los Angeles Rams $2.5 Million
Miami Dolphins $8 Million
Dallas Cowboys $17.5 Million

Robert Quinn Draft Profile

From 2011 to till 2023 he played with several teams. Fans and followers want to know about the complete draft profile of this celebrity.

Team Name Draft Year
Chicago Bears 2020
Los Angeles Rams 2011
Miami Dolphins 2018
Dallas Cowboys 2019

Robert Quinn Net Worth 2023

Since 2011, he is playing in NFL and till now he signed with several teams for different seasons. Moreover, people ask about his net worth because at this time they have a collection of cars.

The estimated net worth of Robert Quinn 6 Million Dollars

Robert Quinn Trade Rumors

  • Previous week some rumors about Robert Quinn’s trade were circulating in the media but trade info has yet not been confirmed by the official.

Robert Quinn Championship / Title / Awards

During his career, Robert has not won championships but got some awards.

  • In 2013, he won First-team All-Pro.
  • He got the NFL forced fumbles co-leader in 2014.
  • In the 2009 NFL season, he took the Second-team All-American award.

Robert Quinn Source of Income

  • Its basic income source of Robert is National Football League.
  • He earns annually millions of dollars from endorsements.
  • He has started to invest money in business.

Robert Quinn Career Earnings

He has served 12 years in NFL under different contracts as well everyone is knowing about his career earnings of Robert Quinn.

  • Till now, he has earned 129 Million dollars in 12 years NFL career.

Robert Quinn Personal Info

Age 31 years
Girlfriend Damara Miller
Height 6 feet 4
Weight 122 KG
Nickname Black Cobra
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Robert Quinn Endorsement Deals

Publically, he has not declared the endorsement contract and income who have signed with brands. Moreover, in the future, if he will declare then we share it with an audience.

  • Endorsement brands’ names and income will update soon.

Robert Quinn Education

The education of Robert Quinn has been completed at two institutes and the name of the institute is given below.

  • Fort Dorchester High School
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Robert Quinn Contract

Robert Quinn Family

Father James Quinn
Mother María Milagros Camacho
Brother N/A
Sister Jasmine Camacho-Quinn
Daughter N/A
Son N/A
Child Meet Chloe and Robert Jr
Wife Christina Quinn


What is Robert Quinn’s contract?

ANS: In 2020, he has signed a 5-year contract with Chicago Bears and the total worth of this contract is approximately 70 million dollars.

How long is Robert Quinn’s contract?

ANS: 5-Year long is Robert Quinn contract that will be closed in 2025.

Is Robert Quinn a free agent?

ANS: Yes, Robert Quinn signed a contract as a free agent.

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