Robinson Cano Contract 2023, Salary, Net Worth: Who does Robinson Cano play for?

During his career, Cano was suspended many times due to violating MLB guidelines. Recently, Robinson Cano contract 2023 signed for 10 years as well 240 million dollars is basic contract including incentive or bonus amount. On the other hand, the professional career of this player started in 2005 when he signed his first contract with the New York Yankees for eight years. After that, he joined Seattle Mariners for 10 years. Due to violating he missed some seasons or tournaments. In addition, he won his first career championship in 2009 and after this season his demand was growing. Further, the latest Robinson Cano Contract 2023 is below.

  • Current Contract
Current Team Mets
Contract Worth 240 million dollars
Contract Duration Ten Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount 100 million dollars
Average Salary 24 million dollars
Cap Hit N/A

Robinson Cano Contract 2023

Recently, he has signed a new contract with New York mentioned above while in his previous contract have competed with another team listed below.

  • Previous Contract Details.
New York Yankees
Robinson Cano Contract 2022 Contract Amount $300 million
Contract Duration Eight Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A
Seattle Mariners
Robinson Cano Contract 2022 Contract Amount $20 million
Contract Duration Five Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Robinson Can Salary 2023

When people saw the news about the 10-year contract they definitely search about the annual salary of Robinson. All salaried who received from other teams and latest salary amount written but this is estimated figure.

Year Salary Amount
2023 24 million dollars
  • Its previous Salary History.
Year Salary Amount
2019 4 million dollars
2005 37.5 million dollars

Who does Robinson Cano play for?

  • The audience does not know who Robinson Cano plays for? that is Mets. This year, he will play with the Mets.
Current Team Mets

Robinson Cano Career Earnings

Year Earnings
2023 20 million dollars
2021 3.7 million dollars
2020 9 million dollars
2019 24 million dollars
2018 13 million dollars
2017 24 million dollars
2016 24 million dollars
2015 24 million dollars
2014 15 million dollars
2013 14 million dollars

Robinson Cano Wealth

He has played around 17 seasons in MLB as well all fans and followers are finding the net worth of this player. Moreover, when he won the championship this year he earned millions of dollars.

Robinson Cano Net worth in 2023 110 million dollars
Robinson Cano Net Worth in 2021 100 million dollars

Robinson Cano Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Around 10 million dollars has increased in 2023.

Robinson Cano MLB Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
New York Yankees 2005–2013
Seattle Mariners 2014–2018
New York Mets 2019–2020, 2023

Robinson Cano Endorsements

Brands Name Pepsi, Nike, DirecTV, Wilson, Alaska Airlines, and KLF Sports
Endorsement Income 5 million dollars
Will Robinson Canó play in 2023?

ANS: He has returned to Mets and with this team, he will play.

Do the Mets have to pay Cano?

ANS: He signed a 10-year contract with the Mets and this team will pay 240 million dollars for a 10-year contract.

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