Russell Wilson Contract 2023: Net Worth, Salary, Draft Profile, Family

In 2012, Russelll Wilson started his career as well in 2014 he won the championship when he was playing with Seattle Seahawks. On the other hand, he has played with Seattle Seahawks for 9 years and in 2021 recently, Russell Wilson Contract 2023 was signed with Denver Broncos. Furthermore, he signed the two-year contract while in 2023 he will take 24 Million Dollars besides in 2023 he will charge around 27 million dollars. Moreover, he and his team has not issued the info about the bonus amount and guaranteed amount. In addition, people looking at the Russell Wilson net worth 2023 include all assets. So, his net worth is listed below along with his salary amount and draft profile. Further, you can read below Russell Wilson contract 2023 and net worth.

Russell Wilson Contract 2023

Recently, Russell Wilson signed a contract with Denver Broncos for two years as well he will charge different amounts in both years. Moreover, the contract details that have been public through different sources are listed below. In addition, Robert Woods Contract 2023 discusses in detail.

Contract Amount $140 Million
Contract Duration 4 Year
Bonus Amount $65 Million
Guaranteed Amount $107 Million

Russell Wilson Net Worth 2023

Russell Wilson is a credible personality in NFL and he spent around 10 years in this field. Now, Russell Wilson net worth 2023 is estimated at 136 million Dollars and we can expect that this net worth will increase.

Estimated Net Worth of Russell Wilson $136 Million

 Russell Wilson Salary

Right now, Russell Wilson is a part of the Denver Broncos people want to know the annual salary of this player. So, if we discuss the overall salary amount that will receive through 2023 which is 25.5 Million Dollars.

Annual Salary $35 Million

Russell Wilson Draft Profile

The audience who like Russell Wilson is now finding the draft profile of this player because many of the years he is playing in NFL. During his career, he has two times enrolled in draft 2012 and 2021. Besides in the future if he enrolls in the NFL draft then we will share it with the audience.

Team Name Draft Year
2012 Seattle Seahawks
2021 Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson Endorsement Money

These days, Russelll Wilson signed an endorsement contract with Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Larson Automotive Group, Amazon, and Nike. Moreover, some of the other brands are waiting for the contract agreement if the contract will be finalized then we will update and give the new stats about endorsement income.

Brands Name Amazon, Bose, Mercedes Benz, Nike, Microsoft, Wilson
Endorsement Income $9 million


Russell Wilson Contract

Russelll Wilson Family

Father Harrison Wilson, III
Mother Tammy T. Wilson
Sister Anna Wilson
Brother Harrison Wilson, IV
Son Win Harrison Wilson
Daughter Sienna Princess Wilson
Wife Ciara

Now, you can get the Russell Wilson Contract: Net Worth 2023, Salary, Draft Profile, Endorsement inlcude current and previous details.

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