Tobias Harris 76ers Contract: Salary 2023, Draft Profile, Net Worth

Tobias Harris deal is finalized with the Philadelphia 76ers of worth $180 million for Five Years while guaranteed $50 Million, and an annual Salary of $4.6 million. This is the latest Tobias Harris 76ers Contract and his current playing team Philadelphia 76ers. Tobias Harris started his career in 2011 with Milwaukee Bucks and right now he is with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tobias Harris Contract 2023

At this time, he playing with Tobias Harris because the audience does not know what teams Tobias harris played for? In the future, if he changed his team then we will update.

Tobias Harris 76ers Contract: USD 180 Million
Current Team Philadelphia 76ers
Tobias Harris 76ers Contract $180 million
Contract Duration Five Years
Guaranteed Amount $50 Million
Average Salary $36 million

Tobias Harris Salary 2023

Team Name Philadelphia 76ers
Year 2023
Salary Amount $36 million

Tobias Harris Net Worth 2023

Tobias Harris Net worth 2023 $33 million
Tobias Harris Overall Income in 2022 $28 million

Tobias Harris Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Its net worth has increased 5 million dollars.

Tobias Harris Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
Philadelphia 76ers 2019-Present

Tobias Harris Career Earnings

Year Earning Amount
2023 $36.6 Million
2022 $38 Million
2021 $33 Million
2020 $31 Million

Tobias Harris


What Position Does Tobias Harris Play?

ANS: He is playing in two different positions.

  • Power forward
  • Small forward
What Team Does Tobias Harris Play For?

ANS: At this time, he is playing with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Who Drafted Tobias Harris?

ANS: In 2011, Charlotte Bobcats were selected in the NBA draft.

How Much Does Tobias Harris Make?

ANS: Previous year, Tobias Harris earned around 33 million dollars.

How Long Is Tobias Harris Contract?

ANS: For the time period of five years, Tobias Harris signed a contract with the Philadelphia 76ers.

How Many Teams Has Tobias Harris Been On?

ANS: Till now, he has played with 5 different teams.

How Many Points Does Tobias Harris Average?

ANS: In every game, the average point of Tobias Harris is 16.3.

How Much Is Tobias Harris Worth?

ANS: Right now, 33 million dollars is the worth of Tobias Harris.

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