Trevor Bauer Contract 2023 Trade, Salary, Net Worth

Recently, Trevor Bauer was circulating in the media and people ask about Trevor Bauer Contract 2023. Trevor was passionate about his career from childhood. Even when he joined the school then his parent hired a private coach who gave the baseball classes. After a hard struggle, he is a player in the Major baseball league and people are searching for a Trevor Bauer contract 2023 that have signed in 2021. His selection was finalized in 2012 for the MLB draft and then Arizona Diamondbacks were picked. Till now, he played with several teams but his fans and followers are unaware of his current and previous contract details. Gather the latest info regarding Trevor Bauer Contract 2023.

Current Contract Details:

Current Team Los Angeles Dodgers
Contract Worth 102 Million Dollars.
Contract Duration 3 Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount 10 Million Dollars
Guaranteed Amount 102 Million Dollars.
Average Salary 30.4 Million Dollars
Cap Hit N/A

Trevor Bauer Contract 2023

In 2021, Los Angeles Dodgers has signed a three-year contract with Trevor Bauer as well contract worth, duration, and the end of season incentive amount mentioned. Moreover, previous contract details here for the knowledge of the people.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Contract Worth 4.4 Million dollars
Contract Duration 4 Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount 3.4 Million Dollars
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Cleveland Indians

Contract Worth 15 Million Dollars
Contract Duration 6 Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Cincinnati Reds

Contract Worth 10.7 Million Dollars
Contract Duration 1 Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Trevor Bauer Trade

  • In previous days, news about the Trevor Bauer trade was circulated on social media platforms. But still, info about trade is yet not been issued.

Trevor Bauer Salary 2023

According to the latest contract, the annual salary of Trevor Bauer is approximate 3.4 Million Dollars.

Current Salary Details:

 Salary 2023 $3.4 Million

Previous Salary Details:

Team Name Year Salary Amount
Cincinnati Reds 2019 3.4 Million dollars
Cleveland Indians 2013 25 Million dollars
Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Around 5 Million dollars

Trevor Bauer Career Earnings

  • He has played 12 seasons with MLB and every year earns millions of dollars.
2023 Approximate 32 million dollars
2021 Approximate 38 million dollars
2020 Approximate 6.5 million dollars
2019 Approximate 8.7 million dollars
2018 Approximate 4.2 million dollars
2017 Approximate 6.5 million dollars
2016 Approximate 3.5 million dollars
2015 Approximate 1.6 million dollars
2014 Approximate 2 million dollars
2013 Approximate 2.4 million dollars
2012 Approximate 2.2 million dollars

Trevor Bauer Worth

Trevor Bauer Net worth in 2021 $50 Million
Trevor Bauer Net Worth in 2023 $52 Million
Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. 2 Million dollars increase in this year.

Trevor Bauer Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
Los Angeles Dodgers 2021- Present
Cincinnati Reds (2019–2020)
Cleveland Indians (2013–2019)
Arizona Diamondbacks (2012)

Trevor Bauer Contract 2022

Trevor Bauer Endorsements

Brands Name Update Soon
Endorsements Income 3 Million Dollars

All latest contract information mentioned about contract 2023 who have singed a few days ago. Moreover, people can take the salary detail including previous.

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