Klay Thompson Contract with the Warriors: Salary, Endorsement, Net Worth, Trade, Rings,

Klay Thompson is a highly professional player for Golden State Warriors and he has been with them since day one. The fact that he won three championships during his career also causes people to ask about Klay Thompson Contract with the Warriors. Nevertheless, in 2018, his team was greatly impressed and decided to extend the contract by a further five years. Klay Thompson’s contract expires in 2023. This contract comes with a salary of 38 million dollars with a contract value of 190 million dollars. Despite the amount of the cap hit being 40 million dollars, he and his team have not released bonuses.

Klay Thompson Contract with the Warriors

From day one, Klay Thompson Playing with the Golden State Warriors as well new contract extension of this player is given along with complete other facts that everyone wants to know.

Current Contract Details

NOTE: Klay Thompson Contract details with complete facts and figures are here.

Current Team Golden State Warriors
Contract Amount $190 Million
Contract Duration Five Year
Average Salary $38 million
Guaranteed Amount $190 Million

Previous Contract Details:


Golden State Warriors Contract Amount $10 million dollars
Contract Duration Four Years
Bonus Amount Available Soon
Guaranteed Amount N/A


Golden State Warriors Contract Amount $69 million dollars
Contract Duration Four Years
Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount N/A

Klay Thompson Salary 2022

He has played around 11 seasons in NBA and his fans and followers are looking at his current and previous salaries.

Year Earnings
2022 40 million dollars
2021 37 million dollars
2020 35 million dollars
2019 32 million dollars
2015-2018 69 million dollars

Klay Thompson Career Earnings

His early level career started in 2011 but professional he joined in 2014 and till now playing in NBA. Moreover, we are giving according to year-wise income.

Year Income
2022 Will Finalize Soon
2021 $38 million
2020 $35 million
2019 $30.5 million
2018 $25 million

Klay Thompson Net Worth 2022

I know he played in the NBA a lot as well as played in different seasons with good results. Also, his total worth includes everything he owns.

Klay Thompson Contract

Klay Thompson Net worth 2022

$72 million

Klay Thompson Overall Income in 2021

$65 million

Klay Thompson Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

Its net worth has increased by 7 million dollars in 2022.

Klay Thompson Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
Golden State Warriors 2011-Present


Klay Thompson Endorsements

He has signed endorsement contracts with various brands and earns millions of dollars each year.

Brands Name
  • Waiakea Water
  • Bevel
  • NERF
Endorsement Income 5 million dollars
What is Klay Thompson salary?

ANS: Over the next five years, he will also earn the same salary amount since it is 38 million dollars on average.

How much is Klay Thomas Worth?
ANS: Right now, Klay Thompson worth is 72 million dollars.

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