What Team does Matisse Thybulle Play for? Matisse Thybulle Contract, Trade, Salary, Net Worth, Endorsements

In the 2019 NBA draft, Matisse Thybulle contract was finalized with the Philadelphia 76ers. Moreover, the overall contract worth of this contract is 12.6 million dollars while the annual salary of this player is 3.5 million dollars. Further, facts and figures regarding this contract are given. Some people are looking at What Team does Matisse Thybulle Play for? that is the Philadelphia 76ers.

What Team does Matisse Thybulle Play for?

Are people unaware of what team does Matisse Thybulle play for? because recently he joined a new contract. Furthermore, his team is the Philadelphia 76ers. Moreover, all old and current contract is given in the below table with complete facts and figures.

Matisse Thybulle Contract

What Team does Matisse Thybulle Play for? Current Team Philadelphia 76ers
Contract Worth $12.6 million
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A
Guaranteed Amount $3 million
Average Salary $3.5 million
Cap Hit N/A

Matisse Thybulle Trade

In 2019, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to trade this player in the NBA draft for four years as well as the trade amount was decided at 12.6 million dollars.

Matisse Thybulle Net Worth 2022

Matisse Thybulle Matisse Thybulle Net worth 2022 $3 million
Overall Income in 2021 $1 million
Matisse Thybulle Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. According to the latest facts, 2 million dollars net worth of Matisse has increased.

Matisse Thybulle Salary 2022

Matisse Thybulle Team Name Philadelphia 76ers
Year 2022
Salary Amount $3.5 million

Matisse Thybulle Draft Profile

Matisse Thybulle Team Name Philadelphia 76ers
Draft Year 2019-Present

Matisse Thybulle Endorsement

Brands Name Nike
Endorsement Income Update Soon

Matisse Thybulle Career Earnings

Year Earning Amount
2022 Will Finalize Soon
2021 $3 million
2020 $3 million
2019 $2.7 million

Right now, the career of Matisse Thybulle is in the initial stages as well his first contract sign with the 76ers. The overall performance of this player was much better and even won some awards and titles. When Matisse Thybulle contract will be completed then info about a new contract or extension will issue.


How Much Does Matisse Thybulle Make?

ANS: Every year Matisse Thybulle earns between 1.5 million to 2 million dollars.

What Is Matisse Thybulle Salary?

ANS: According to the contract, the annual salary of Matisse Thybulle is 3.5 million dollars.

What Nationality Is Matisse Thybulle?

ANS: The nationality of Matisse Thybulle is “Australian” but at this time he is living in America.

What Shoes Does Matisse Thybulle Wear?

ANS: Matisse Thybulle wear Nike Air Zoom GT Cut shoes.

What Position Does Matisse Thybulle Play?

ANS: Matisse Thybulle playing in two different positions.

  • Shooting guard
  • Small forward
What Team Does Matisse Thybulle Play For?

ANS: The current team name is Philadelphia 76ers.

Who Drafted Matisse Thybulle?

ANS: Basically, Boston Celtics were selected but the Philadelphia 76ers traded with this team.

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