Who is Lewis Hamilton Driving for in 2023? Lewis Hamilton Contract, Sponsors, Salary, Net Worth

Lewis highly professional racer who has won around seven championships but do fans know who is Lewis Hamilton Driving for in 2023? That is the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. Professionally, he started his career in 2007 and during his first championship, he lost the final race by one point. Moreover, After winning seven championships on different tracks, he is now considered the best player in the F1 race. He is currently the most successful racer in the world and millions of people like him. People know Lewis is the all-rounder in racing history.

Who is Lewis Hamilton Driving for in 2023?

Since 2013, he plays with Mercedes AMG Petronas and till now won 6 championships with them. Recently, he signed a two-year contract with this team as well the total contract worth is 54 million dollars.

  • Mercedes AMG Petronas (This is for two years only).

Lewis Hamilton Contract 2023

Right now, he signed a contract with Mercedes as well as current and previous contract details along with total value, incentive or bonus amount exist.

Contract Worth $54 million
Contract Duration Two Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A

Previous Contract History:


Contract Worth 136 million Dollars
Contract Duration Two Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount N/A

Lewis Hamilton Sponsors 2023

In 2023, different brands sponsor this player during different races. While dealing with some other brands is under process.

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Monster Energy
  • Puma
  • IWC
  • Sony
  • BOSE

Lewis Hamilton Salary 2023

As per contract information, he signed two year deal with Mercedes but people are unaware about the annual salary of Lewis Hamilton.

Team Name Salary Amount Year
Mercedes 40 million dollars 2023

Previous Salary History:

Previous three-year salary stats who have earned from Mercedes is written.

2021 50 million dollars
2020 70 million dollars
2019 55 million dollars

Lewis Hamilton Career Earning

The income of Lewis who earns during 2023 has finalized as well previous five-year career earnings available according to year wise.

2023 Earning 40 million dollars

Previous Five Year Earning:

2021 61 million dollars
2020 75 million dollars
2019 58 million dollars
2018 40 million dollars
2017 33 million dollars

Who is Lewis Hamilton Driving for in 2022?

Lewis Hamilton Wealth

  • From 2007 to till present he won 7 championships and earn millions of dollars. The net worth of the current and previous years is in the table.
Lewis Hamilton Net worth in 2023 828 million dollars
Lewis Hamilton Net Worth in 2021 800 million dollars
Lewis Hamilton Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year. Its net worth has increased 28 million dollars in 2023.


Who is Hamilton driving for in 2023?

ANS: For Mercedes, Hamilton driving in 2023

Is Hamilton the second driver in 2023?

ANS: Some people think that Hamilton is the 2nd driver in 2023 but this type of info does not issue by officials.

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