Xander Bogaerts Contract: Stats, Net Worth 2023, Salary, Draft, Championship

The career of Xander Bogaerts started in 2013 when Red Sox was picked for his team as well the duration of this contract was six-year. But during his career, he won two championships and when his contract was completed then his team was impressed by his performance and give him an extension with the same amount. Moreover, he plays in the position of Baseball shortstop because his team selected him for just only this position. Further, the contract was finalized at 125 Million Dollars including the bonus amount as well the guaranteed amount of this contract was $50 Million.

Xander Bogaerts Contract

When he joined the baseball field the signed his first contract with the Red Sox the duration of this contract was five years but when he performed and won 2 championships the team management was impressed by his performance and give a six-year extension worth 125 Million dollars. Further, details about the contract are here.

Contract Amount $122 Million
Contract Duration 6 Year
Bonus Amount 5 Lac Dollars
Guaranteed Amount $40 Million

Xander Bogaerts Net Worth 2023

The net worth of Xander Bogaerts increased in 2013 when he joined MLB. Moreover, when he won two championships and then earn millions of dollars in terms of bonuses besides he signed a six-year contract with the Red Sox team for under 125 Million dollars. So, overall Xander Bogaerts net worth 2023 is 22 Million dollars.

Approximate Net Worth of Xander Bogaerts 125 Million dollars

Xander Bogaerts Salary 2023

According to the contract extension, the annual salary of Xander Bogaerts is 22 Million Dollars including the bonus amount. We have one thing noticed that salary amount is high as compared to the previous contract. Further, this contract will complete in 2025 and then further info will announce by them regarding the contract.

Annual Salary 20 Million Dollars

Xander Bogaerts Draft

People want to know about the draft year of this year. So, Xander Bogaerts drafted in 2013 and his first contract was completed in 2019. His team did not allow to go in again draft session while the Red Sox team was given a six-year extension. Now, in 2025 he will go into the baseball draft session.

  • Boston Red Sox picked him in 2013.

Xander Bogaerts Championship / Title / Awards

During his nine-year career duration, he won two championships with the Red Sox team as well he is confident about this season and hopefully he will win the championship because he is doing hard work and practice.

  • 1st Championship won in 2013
  • 2nd Championship won in 2018

Xander Bogaerts Source of Income

  • MLB
  • Endorsement
  • Business

Xander Bogaerts Personal Info

Age 29 years
Girlfriend N/A
Height 6 Feet
Weight 96 KG
Nickname the X-Man
Car Lexus

Xander Bogaerts Career Earnings

  • Overall estimated career income is 90 Million dollars.

Xander Bogaerts Endorsement

  • Adidas
  • His endorsement income is approximate 2 Million dollars.

Xander Bogaerts Education Details

  • Commandeur Pieter Boer School
  • Colegio Arubano

Xander Bogaerts Contract

From early life Xander Bogaerts interested in baseball because according to his father when tournaments started then he watched all matches on television. So, when he reached college life then he joined the college team. At this time he is a part of MLB and now playing with the Boston team. Further other info about Xander Bogaerts contract is here including net worth 2023 and salary.

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