Xavien Howard Contract 2023: Draft Profile, Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements

Xavien Howard started a football team with Baylor and after a long time of struggle, he enrolled in the NFL draft in 2016. Now, Xavien Howard Contract 2023 has been signed with Miami for three years. When his first contract was completed then his team gave him an extension to this player for five years. The total worth of this contract extension is $82 Million including the roaster bonus. As well his team signed a guaranteed amount of 27 million dollars. The overall performance of this player is much better but unfortunately, he has not won a single championship.

Current Contract

Current Team Miami Dolphins
Contract Worth 90 million dollars
Contract Duration Five Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount 17 million dollars
Guaranteed Amount 16 million dollars
Average Salary 18 million dollars
Cap Hit 8.3 million dollars

Xavien Howard Contract 2023

Considering Xavien Howard performance, his team has given him another five years to play. Further, the current contract extension is mentioned in the above table while previous contact details are listed below.

  • Previous Contract Details:


Contract Worth 76 million dollars
Contract Duration Five Year
Incentive / Bonus Amount 7 million dollars
Guaranteed Amount 38 million dollars


Contract Worth 6.2 million dollars
Contract Duration Four Years
Incentive / Bonus Amount
Guaranteed Amount

Xavien Howards Salary 2023

Now, he has played 6 seasons with Miami but recently his team has given an extension his fans ask about the latest salary amount. Moreover, current salary and previous salary details are written.

Team Name Salary Amount Year
Miami Dolphins 18 million dollars 2023
  • Previous Salary Details
Year Salary Amount
2019 15 million dollars
2016 1.5 million dollars

Xavien Howards Career Earnings

Every year, he earns different amounts as well he signed a different contract with the Miami Dolphins. Complete details regarding career income year-wise exist.

Year Earnings
2023 Will Finalize Soon
2021 17 million dollars
2020 12 million dollars
2019 15.5 million dollars
2018 1 million dollars
2017 7 Lac 30 thousand dollars
2016 3 million dollars

Xavien Howards Net Worth 2023

Xavien Howards Net worth in 2023 6 million dollars
Overall Income in 2021 3 million dollars

Xavien Howards Net Worth increases or decreases as compared to the previous year.

In 2023, Xavien has increased its net worth 3 million dollars.

Xavien Howard Endorsement

Brands Name Will update soon
Endorsement Income 3 million dollars

Xavien Howard Contract 2022

Xavien Howards Draft Profile

Team Name Draft Year
Miami Dolphins 2016


How much is Xavien Howards contract?

ANS: Overall Xavien Howard’s contract amount is 90 million dollars as well annually he earned 18 million dollars in terms of salary.

How long is Xavien Howard contract?

ANS: He signed five-year contract with Miami.

How much does Xavien Howard make a year?

ANS: In this year, he earns 18 million dollars per year.

When did Xavien Howard sign his contract?

ANS: In 2019, he signed a five-year contract.

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